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Health care professionals helping people with hearing impairments lead more meaningful and satisfying lives.
Health care professionals helping people with hearing impairments lead more meaningful and satisfying lives.
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We are Doctorate and Master’s degree holding audiologists certified by the

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Health Care Professionals dedicated to helping people with hearing impairments lead more meaningful and satisfying lives.

We are just as concerned about your hearing as you are.

  1. Laugh at all your favorite TV shows and movies again.

  2. Engage in conversations at parties and other crowded rooms again.

  3. Collaborate with co-workers on big important projects again.

  4. Understand what little kids are saying again.

  5. Experience a drive-thru without yelling, straining to hear and getting the wrong sandwich again.

  6. Enjoy your favorite radio programs.

  7. Take down driving directions over the phone with confidence again.

  8. Listen and overhear interesting conversations at the coffee shop again.

  9. Really understand and connect with your family and friends again!

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Schedule an appointment with one of our Audiologists.  We welcome you to our practice and are dedicated to finding the best solution for your hearing needs.

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We are proudly helping our vets with their hearing needs.

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Hearing for Humanity is a group of audiologists, Doctor of Audiology students, and Speech-Language Pathology students from Arizona State University who provide humanitarian audiology services in Malawi, Africa. We provide audiological services and hearing aid fittings for adults and children with significant hearing loss. In an effort to support sustainability, we also provide education and training to teachers, staff, and technicians.

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