A Day In The Life Of A Person With Hearing Loss

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day in the life with hearing loss

A day in the life of someone with hearing loss

Untreated hearing loss has a tremendous effect on a person’s life. It usually brings negative emotions both at home and in the workplace. It impacts the person and their family and friends. It is vital that family and co-workers understand what a person with hearing loss goes through each day. This knowledge will help to put these people in a better position for effective communication.

At Home

A person with a hearing loss will need more than an alarm clock to get out of bed. Many use clocks with vibrating features that allow them to feel the alarm sounding. The commute to work can be a dangerous ride. A person who has a hearing loss must stay focused at all times when driving. Their eyes must continuously scan the horizon and the mirrors for pedestrians and other vehicles. Treating hearing loss can improve a person’s life. Here are some of the benefits one gains by treating hearing loss include:

  • Improves social interactions and overall quality of life
  • Reduces the progression of cognitive decline
  • Develops relationships with family and friends
  • Allows you to become more independent
  • Better mental health
  • Improves physical health

At Work

A hearing loss can have a profound effect on a worker, and the majority of people who have one still work. Work environments demand communication and teamwork among co-workers and customers. The individual with untreated hearing loss will most likely be tense and stressed as they must spend their time concentrating on the environment. Co-workers will most likely be asked to repeat things, which leads to embarrassment for the worker with a hearing problem. The emotional effects of hearing loss result in issues for the hard of hearing employee as they struggle to function in the socially challenging situations that occur in the workplace. At lunchtime, the employee faces challenges standing at the take-out counter ordering food as they worry about hearing the employees or their order being correct due to an awkward conversation.

One study suggests that working adults with a mild or moderate hearing loss experience problems at work unless they use hearing aids. Other studies also conclude that a hearing aid offers considerable benefits for an employee. The most important benefit for a hearing-impaired worker is the improvement in communication between the employee and co-workers and customers. The workday becomes much more manageable. Other benefits a worker can gain by treating hearing loss include:

  • It can reduce the chances of you losing your job
  • It demonstrates commitment and motivation
  • It improves workplace communication and relationships
  • It increases your sense of control

Get Help Today

If you have a hearing loss, now is the time to act and address the problem. A hearing evaluation by a hearing healthcare professional can make a dramatic impact on your life. A hearing healthcare professional can diagnose the hearing problem and suggest the most appropriate treatment for the hearing loss. With the high-tech treatment options available today, you can find a device that allows you to engage in your home and professional life fully.


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