How to Enjoy Hiking & Other Outdoor Activities with Hearing Aids

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July 8, 2019
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outdoor activities with hearing aids

outdoor activities with hearing aids

Nowadays, there’s a hearing aid for everyone. As other technology has progressed and become more advanced, so have hearing aids. Whether you opt for an economical, basic type of hearing aid or a more advanced, state-of-the-art device, we can help you find the hearing aid that is best suited to your needs, preferences, and lifestyle.

Lifestyle can be a big factor in choosing the right hearing aid for you, especially if you enjoy living an active life. Are you a hiker? Do you enjoy attending sports games? Maybe you’re a runner, or at least you enjoy a brisk walk. No matter what type of activity you enjoy, there is a hearing aid that fits your needs.

When you visit with your audiologist about selecting a hearing aid, be sure to discuss your level of activity. Here are a few simple guidelines to keep in mind:

  1. Tell your audiologist about the activities you enjoy.

There are different types of hearing aids that are best suited to different types of activity. For example, if you enjoy being in nature – whether you’re hiking or playing a round of golf – an in-the-ear (ITC) style might be best for you. ITC hearing aids are protected by your outer ear, so the amount of wind noise you hear is minimized.

If you enjoy going to a ballgame on the weekend, you may want to opt for a hearing aid designed to enhance your ability to hear and understand sound in crowded, noisy environments. These devices use advanced technology to decrease the amount of concentration you need to understand sound, so you can really enjoy yourself.

  1. Consider durability.

If you enjoy the great outdoors, your hearing aid may take an accidental fall once in a while. When that inevitably happens, you want a durable device that will withstand the fall. Inquire about a hearing aid designed to survive accidental falls, moisture, and dirt.

  1. Think about getting an extra accessory or two.

For active hearing aid wearers, many accessories are available to protect your device. A hearing aid sleeve or sweatband fits over behind-the-ear (BTE) devices to protect them from sweat and other moisture. If your hearing aid might be prone to falls, you may want a specialized clip or stretch cord that attaches to your clothing to avoid breaking or losing your device.

And if your hearing aid is in danger of coming into contact with extra moisture, a dehumidifier (or hearing aid dryer) might be just what you need to remove any moisture from your device while you sleep at night.

  1. Let your style shine.

In this day and age, hearing aids come in various styles and colors. Don’t be afraid to discuss these options with your audiologist so you can get a hearing aid that matches your style, your level of activity, and your lifestyle.

To find out which type of hearing aid is right for your lifestyle, we welcome you to contact our audiologist practice today. We are eager to care for you!


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