Hearing Evaluations

If you have never had your hearing tested, it’s normal to feel a little apprehensive about the procedure. At Tri-City Audiology, we want you to feel comfortable from start to finish and have an accurate idea of what to expect during your first hearing test.

When you check in for your appointment, our friendly receptionist will ask for your insurance card and ID. This allows us to properly bill your insurance, and verifying your identity helps to keep you safe from identity theft or insurance fraud.

To get a better idea of your medical history, we will also ask that you fill out our intake forms. We’ll ask for your general information as well as a brief history of your hearing and health conditions. You may also download these forms ahead of time and bring them with you for your convenience.

One of our experienced audiologists will meet with you to review your forms and discuss your hearing history. It’s important to establish your hearing concerns and priorities before we begin the evaluation, and we value any questions that you may have.

The evaluation starts with a physical examination of your ears using a tool called an otoscope. This visual assessment can help to determine if your hearing loss is caused by a blockage or if further testing is necessary.

To evaluate the health of your ears, we utilize tympanometry, which allows us to examine your middle ear. This quick inspection can give your audiologist information about the condition of your eardrum and the bones behind it. We may also use otoacoustic emissions testing (OAE) to determine the health of your inner ear.

At Tri-City Audiology, we evaluate your current level of hearing using pure tone testing. You’ll be asked to push a button when you hear a specific sound, and we may also utilize speech testing to determine your ability to hear certain words amidst background noise.

After determining your current level of hearing ability, your audiologist will discuss a variety of options to consider. It’s always our goal to fully educate you on your particular kind of hearing loss, and we want you to feel comfortable asking any questions.

If it’s determined that hearing aids would benefit you, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the devices available to help improve the quality of your hearing and your life.

Our hearing evaluations typically take about an hour to complete. Please feel free to call our offices with any questions you may have before your appointment.


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